Living Wage Service Charge

To Our Carrboro United Community,

Starting today you will see a “Living Wage Service Charge” on your check rather than an option to leave a tip for our staff. Because transparency, integrity, and innovative business design are at the heart of Carrboro United, we want to explain to you directly about this charge, and why we’re making the change. If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it’s that people are everything in our business. That’s why, when we launched Carrboro United last spring we decided to guarantee a living wage ( to all of our employees from day one.

What is the Living Wage Service Charge? An 8% service fee on all Carrboro United orders to support paying our team. You’ll see this fee listed as a “service charge” on your check. The fee goes directly and exclusively toward providing a living wage to our entire staff.

Since our first hub day back in March of 2020, Carrboro United has served as an innovative approach to buoying our hyper-local food industry, and providing jobs not only at Carrboro United, but at each of the 45+ businesses who sell their delicious food through our hub. We recently made the switch to a similar model at our other businesses, Acme (Carrboro), Plum (Durham), and Heyday Brewing (Raleigh), and we are so grateful for your continued support in embracing this new generation of service businesses.

If there’s anything we can clarify about how this works, we are standing by to help at

The team at Carrboro United look forward to serving you soon.


The Team at Carrboro United