Our final Hub Day June 26th

Greetings from Carrboro,

I have a piece of pottery that I made in 7th grade. It’s about a foot tall and is adorned with a large emperor penguin. God knows why I still have it; my artistic prowess, shall we say, leaves something to be desired. But for some reason my parents were proud of it and kept it on their bar for 30+ years – right next to my father’s bottle of Pinch Scotch Whiskey.

And, believe it or not, I still remember making that little clay masterpiece. I remember Miss May’s face and the smell of the glaze and the way the grey clay dried out my hands. Because – more than anything – when you create something, that moment in your life becomes time-stamped. And the thing you created, a talisman. I can’t look at that penguin pot and not see my dad’s bottle of scotch, or hear the constant rustle of some older student’s self-portrait as it hung to dry above the air-conditioning vent.

Likewise, I hope that for each of you, Carrboro United will always be this wonderful, tangible thing that all of us created from scratch. This caring, deeply human response to such a distorted and troubled time. For the past 15 months, we’ve forged something together. We built a bridge that enabled so many businesses to pay unforgiving bills, and helped enumerable families to gather around a table. But most of all, we forged hope. The hope that we could get through this. Together. The hope that this day would eventually come. This day when we get to step back from our collective creation, the project finally complete.

It will be impossible for me to remember 2020 without thinking of all of you. The emails of encouragement, the smiles, the waves, the hand-written signs. Those constant reminders that I wasn’t alone – that we weren’t alone. There aren’t words that can convey my gratitude. But it is time to move on. As you most likely guessed, Carrboro United is coming to the end of its journey and will have its final hub day on Saturday, June 26th. But that merely means that our bridge home is complete. The local businesses that you have nurtured, week after week, can now welcome you back through their doors once again. And the best part? Each of the vendors that started with us back in March of 2020 is still in business. So we sincerely hope that you will stop in and say hello. I know that they’d love to see you.

So, here’s to all of you. You created something spectacular out of a dream. Your kindness and unwavering commitment was always our secret sauce. Always. And although we don’t have any shared kiln-fired clay memento to display above our fireplace, I trust that you will remember Carrboro United all the same. As a bright light in a dark time. An incredible demonstration of how strong this community can be when we come together. I certainly know that I will.

Well that’s all the news from Carrboro, the team at Carrboro United look forward to seeing you soon.

The Team at Carrboro United

Any gift cards that are not used before Saturday, June 26th will be automatically transferred to an Acme Gift Card with the same gift card number for future redemption. We are not able to transfer to any other vendors due to system constraints / incompatibility. For any questions regarding gift cards – please contact francesca@damngoodfood.com.