Our Final Hub Day Was Saturday, June 26

Thank you so much for supporting Carrboro United and our vendors during the past year. Please read our letter for details.

Gift Card Balances

All Carrboro United gift cards with remaining balances have been transferred to use at Acme Food & Beverage Company in Carrboro, NC. Please use the button below to check your card balance and access your updated gift card number.

  • The top number beneath the QR code is the NEW gift card number that you can redeem in-person at Acme or online for Acme To-Go.
  • The bottom number is the OLD number that you entered initially to access this page. This number is no longer active.

For any gift card related questions, please email contact@acmecarrboro.com.

Thank You for Your Support

We’re proud of what we accomplished together to support so many local restaurants and artisans. Read more about us and please continue to support our vendors.